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Model: Pellet Trap w/Metal Silhouettes
Manufacturer: Beeman
Ammo Type: Pellets
Weight: 1500 g
Dimensions: 20 cm (W) x 23 cm (H) x 20 cm (D)
Steel pellet trap
All necessary hardware included

Article Nr.: 2085

Versatile pellet trap holds paper targets or hanging metal silhouette (four silhouettes included).
The Beeman 2085 shooting pellet trap is made to practice shooting your air pellet gun so you can improve accuracy while keeping spent rounds from flying away. The metal animal silhouettes allow you hear when you hit the target and allow you to shoot over and over without replacing the target. The paper targets allow you to see your grouping while you practice, making adjustments easier.

Do NOT use steel BBs when shooting at this trap. BBs can rebound and ricochet, causing permanent injury to the eyes. Everyone in the area should wear safety glasses when someone is shooting.

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